Monday, April 25, 2011

April 22, 2011

I am really trying to keep up on this Blog, I know i will regret it if i dont. I cannot believe it has almost been a year since Luke and allix were harmed. They are doing well in some areas, and not so well in other areas. They are trying to live normal lives, and Allix is back in School. She has such a short time to complete her hours and then test for her license. I know she has plans to open a salon in maui. I will be so pleased when she accomplishes this dream. I know she will one day. I know it is hard for her to stand all day, and use her arms all day, and hands. Beleive it or not, her hands still ache to this day. If her or luke knock an elbow or their hands, it hurts them badly. Their scars change from month to month. allix will be fitted for a clear mask, just for her face to stop the raised scars. they are amazing at the Burn unit. Yes..they are ssttiill healing. They look amazing though. I cannot beleive what a miracle it is that they look the way they do. It is because of everyones prayers, faith, and just a flat out miracle. I know Allix cries, and tries to be strong. If she feels a certain way, she pulls herself right back up again. I know counseling is so important for her. She has told me lately she remembers things that she never has, and has flash backs daily. She told me the other day she remembers seeing someone shaving a guys hair in the ER. I talked to her about it, and she realizes this was actually herself. She was seeing herself. We discussed if maybe her spirit was looking at herself. She remembers having experiences like that. I am truly proud of her. She struggles, but does so well with life in general. She is an amazing mommy. She loves that little guy so much! lukes arms are worse than allix's. He had to have surgey the other day because of thick skin on skin graph seams, and flexibility in his wrist and thumbs. His arms looks like frankenstein, with big stitches, but in the long run..It will look ten times better. I am sure he will have his other arm and hand done in the near future. and other surgeries. They told allix she had to have surgery on her hands also. she asked to wait a couple of months to finish school. So that is good. She just wants to better her life for her and Luke, Get a job, and just live, fall in love and have more babies. I am okay with the other babies.. : )..Luke is growing huge, and talks so good, and talks about things that I think..where the heck did you learn that. he pointed to the big power area fenced off, and said there are the transformers. I was like..what, you know what electric transformers are..He is definately smart. Allix spends alot of time with her friends, she has great friends. I am grateful for them..You know who you are. Lukey loves his grandpa Dan so much. Allixs dad has been there for them so much through all of this. He has really bonded with Luke. he takes him fishing,goes on long walks and goes to see all the animals at the farm, plays outside with him, and even takes him to the hospital for check ups. luke is so strong. I am hoping with all the love, structure, a great mom, and role models that Luke will be okay with all of this. The counselor said he might have allready dealt with it, deal with it in 6 months, 1 year, ten years, or when he is 18. they do not know. I have a feeling he will be just fine. He has a medal he wears so proudly at times. Aunt Debbie gave it to him. allix got one also. He says, proudly, that he got the medal for being brave, and surviving the fire, and help saving his mommy. We meet other burn survivors when we go to the hospital. I am not a burn survivor, but i feel I am connected in some way. I seen what they go through. we got on the elevator, and there was a guy with Jobst on his hands and arms, and he had a plastic mask on his face. Luke was there with his gear. I said " oh i know where you are going". He talked to Luke and said, look dude, we have the same cool stuff. It was so sweet. This young man was 23 years old, and had a diesel fuel tank blow up right by him. He was disfigured, and I felt sad, but, didnt feel sad at the same time because he was an amazing kid..That was the new him, and he was amazing. Luke goes to physical therapy, and acts like he owns the place. he just goes in opens cupboards and drawers, and gets what he wants. they let him. We love Cindy, she has worked with him the whole time. He knows what to expect, and trusts her. Things happen in life that change our path. I went into the bathroom often at the hospital and would put paper towels on the floor, and would sit, or kneel and just cry my heart out, and pray, this was often. From my prayers I knew the first week that they would be taken care of, and he was mindful of them. I also knew from the spirit that great things would come from this trial for them. I felt constantly lifted up with strength to be there with the both of them for so long. I do look back and think wow, was that Allix and Luke. It seems like a dream. Nope it is a miracle is what it is. A miracle from our heavenly father that they are here, and a miracle how they have touched so many lives, and I know there will be much more of these miracles in the future. He has a great plan for them. I am so grateful for them and being able to be Allix's mother, and Lukes grandmother, and that they are a part of my life. I am hoping allix will share her feelings with everyone one day. I know she keeps a journal...Anyone with sick or afflicted family or friends, just remember heavenly father is in the drivers seat, and trust in him. he knows way more than we do..he knows All.. : )

Shari thrall..

allixs mother, and Lukes grandmother

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

I know this is Allix and Lukes Blog, but Allix does not get on the computer too often, and I feel that I need to write every once and a while to keep this blog going, and keep people who love and care for them informed. I feel warm in my heart, and immediately I feel the tears and emotion coming on. I cannot believe it has been almost 8 months since the day of their accident. They are doing well, and are trying so hard to live normal lives. Allix and Luke had a great Thanksgiving, but their Christmas was amazing. There were many angels that were sent to rescue her and Luke in so many ways. These people have no idea. They had an amazing Christmas. allix told me she would stare at her tree at nightime. it was decorated in Bright pink Bulbs, and white lights. It was absolutely beautiful, and donated to her. She said she would stare at it at night, and just stare, because of how beautiful it was, and because of all the many blessings she received by the grace of heavenly father working through his angels on earth. Luke and Allix had numerous presents. Allix was able to shop, wrap, and just enjoy Christmas, plus she was taken care of in so many other ways. Allix wants to post pictures, but is not quite ready yet. This coming Friday ( 25th Feb2011) there is a film crew, Director, and all the works for a segment that will be on cable about Allix and Lukes story. It is abouth them, and the saftey and dangers of sprinkling systems around the US. We are hoping to take this to NBC today. It will have Mitch Jensen who is representing her, her mom and dad, a couple specialists on the subject, and Allix. I have no clue when it will air, but I will definately post the info. Allix wants this story out before another family is injured or even worse, killed. She said she would go though it all over again ( minus Luke ) if She could get this out to the public everywhere. Her hair is growing back, slowly but surely. They look so good, but underneath their Jobst, there is still much healing. Luke still itches constantly. He has gotten so good at it. He uses his wrists adn goes so fast on his arms. Poor guy itches all night long. He still is so sore on joints and where the skin graphs are. Allix has all the same items, but she has more medical issues to deal with. She has had procedures done because since the accident her intestines have not worked right. She is seeing a specialist for this. We know when our bodies are tramatized, certain things loose oxygen. She is still always exhausted, sick to her stomache, and itches and itches also. They have so many different colors of Jobst. Luke is now to the point, that he gets upset when we want to take them off. He feels like they are a part of him. I feel like the mad mother hen at times, because I see people stare at him or Allix, and I cant help but feel bitter. I totally feel for anyone who has a dissability, because I know how they feel when people stare at their loved ones. I always make an effort not to stare now a days. I also look everyone in the eye with a dissability, or someone who is different. Allix has said to me that they never look her in the eye when she has her mask on. Luke is getting huge, and Allix is still as beautiful as ever. They go out alot more, and Allix has such a good attitude. It is truly amazing. She says little things now and then to complain, but they are normal small things. There is no feeling sorry for herself, or anything. Life is different, but she has said numerous times she is glad to be a live. They have a new puppy named Kaya. Luke still to this day says I want Buddy, and I miss Buddy. He is a very smart boy. He still has nightmares, and is afraid of things he was not of before all this. He says Shari, this is our new house no burns, or fire. I say yes no more burns. He says oh good. Still to this day after eight months this is a routine of his. It is amazing the things we experience in our lives. It is also important what we take from these experiences, and what we learn. Allixs life has changed dramatically, but she is a strong girl. her main goal is to get Luke better, and let him have a normal life. Another goal of hers is to get the news out to everyone. This will change history. I will try to get some current pictures of Allix and Luke to post. They are doing so good..

-Shari Thrall
(Allix's mom, and Luke's grandma )

Friday, November 12, 2010


Allix and Luke are doing well. Luke finished soccer for the season. He is so funny because he wanted to play with his ball, and not let any other kids touch it. He wanted to be a single player on the team. I dont think he quite gets it, that it is a team effort. Allix would have to leave his ball home because he only wanted his. Allix has so much confidence, and is just proud to be who she is. She goes in places, and talks to people with much confidence, and acts like she is not any different from anyone else. I know she is not different, but she does have purple mask, and purple gloves on. It is not something you see everyday. Her and Luke got some new Jobes today. So far Luke has lime green sleeves, gloves, and pants. He has black gloves, and sleeves. He has blue and red gloves, and sleeves like spiderman. He has black amd grey gloves and sleeves. He has Tan pants like skin color. His new stuff today includes red and navy blue pants, and gloves. I came over in the afternoon. He was so excited to show me. They have had atleast 15- 20 different braces to stretch skin, and joints. They are tight because of new skin. They also itch all the time..itch, itch, itch all this time later. Allix has a complete purple suit. Pants, jacket, gloves and sleeves. She jokes abou therself being Nacho Libre..She borrowed the movie, and laughed herself about it. She has a pink jacket, and red gloves and sleeves. Her face mask is new. They wanted to give her face time to see if it was going to scar. Some areas did not look so good, so they said lets get you a mask. She said anything to save my body. Again, no complaints. She said she loves them all up there at the Uof U burn and therapy unit, trusts them all, and she knows she is in the best hands. If anyone wants to know a little bit about the burn unit, then read the book ' The Burning Within' About Renee Wallace. It is one of my favorite books ever. I read it years ago, and then I lived part of it with Allix and Luke. It is about a girl who was in a plane crash in southern utah, has a near death experience, and goes to the burn unit at the U of U, and then tells how it changed her life, and how heavenly father saved her in so many ways. It is a GGrreeaaattt Book. I have a copy if anyone wants to borrow it let me know. Allixs hair is growing back. It is about 3 inches long. she is gorgeous. She did not know about her hair until about 7 weeks at the hospital. I waited for her to ask me. Her hair was her trade mark, and she was known for how thick and beautiful it was. She just said okay, and did not say a word after that. I asked her last night what she first thought when she seen herself. She said " oh my hair is all gone, and my face is scabby, but not too bad". She is so strong. She told me she was glad to be there, and glad she was alive. She has never complained about anything, well except for the little stuff. Like the after affects, and different issues. Their bodies are still healing. She is in a way stronger than before, but I guess that is why heavenly father gives us these trials. She thinks it happened to her for a reason, to accomplish her mission here on earth. That to me, is true faith in her savior. She says she wants to live, help others, get married, have more kids, travel the world, and adopt kids from other countries in the future. Luke is not in therapy yet. They say it could affect him at any time in his life. It could allready have passed, happen next month, or when he is seventeen. He is doing so good, and not acting out in anyway. So they want us to wait. I am not sure about that, but I trust his momma. Allix was going to finish her very few hours left at cosmetology, but has decided to wait until the first of next year. Mentally she is ready, but not physically. She attends Institute in Sandy every Wednesday, and goes to Therapy for herself. She stays busy, and gets out alot. I am truly impressed with this girl. She is different in so many ways. Not better, just different. Luke loves church, and nursery , . On Sunday he stood up, and looked very hard in the audience. He then asked me " grandma where is Jesus at " I said, he visits many chapels, and he is probably with heavenly father. He could not believe he was not there. He was so serious. This made me smile big, then he said " oh grandma, that is why his picture is in the hall. He loves Jesus, and knows he lives. Her and Luke are still my miracles, and blessings have poured down upon them from every direction, by the way of loving people, and by her having faith in her Savior, and knowing Heavenly Father loves them both.

-Shari Thrall Allix mom, and Luke's grandma 

Beautiful, confident Allix!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I just wanted to update on Allix and Luke. They are in their new apartment. (still getting organized, and cannot do alot) So many people donated stuff to them. I wished she would have had a bigger gouse becasue she had to turn down items..So many people, so much love. She still has no clue. I have tried to keep a record of people for her journal, and I am making a scrapbook. One day she will want to share with her kids, husband, and even grand kids. Thank you to everyone for all your love and support. Allix has only been on Facebook and this Blog one time since she has been home. I think it might be overwhelming to her. I am sure she will come around and be apart of all the people who love her dearly in the future..
I wold like to share what I have seen in Allix and Luke..I have seen this girl who came close to dying a few times in the hospital come home with this atttude that is amazing..She is so so strong..She said Mom..I just want to live. She is healing so well, and mentally positive. (although herbody is not so strong, and is loopy alot )I have a picture I took of her the other day. she radiates light. She said to me, that this is her trial, and that it could have been worse, and that she is grateful for it...WOW she is amazing..She goes out, and people stare at her and her gloves and the different things on her..I thought the other day that Allix is used to being the looker, and turning every guys head..This is different for her. I just think people are curious..Luke is a little harder. He wants to be a boy. He has regressed in different ways. He was being potty trained before he was three and the accident. Now he is in diapers again. They said it is to be expected with that, and other things. He is afraid of being alone, and alway says Momma or Grandma dont leave K. It brings tears to my eyes because in the hospital he would wake up constantly and say the same thing to me all night long. He is afraid of being high up. He shakes and is scared. he used to jump, roll, climb, and be a crazy boy. He has Post tramatic stress disorder symptoms, like falling in his sleep, or crying, and thinking things are getting him, and very afraid of te dark..They say kids bounce back better than adults, and I do see him just wanting to be a kid, and ride skateboards, and play, but he also is unable to do all he wants to. He has to wear braces daily to stretch parts of his body, or they will tighten up, and then back to surgery..We do not want to go there...I cannot beleive it has been three months. I cannot remember my live before. it is funny how heavenly father helps u to become stronger, and how we must always trust him..I always knew this, but now I really know this. He is so mindful of them, and he has told me through prayer that miracles would happen, and will continue to happen..Boy was he right..They are miracles..

-Shari Thrall, Allixs mom and Lukee's grandma

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fire a mystery as Herriman family recovers

Fire a mystery as Herriman family recovers
By Steven Mouritsen
21 days ago

Allix and Luke Thrall were badly burned in a fire in their apartment June 24.
Flames recently engulfed Allix Thrall's apartment while an explosion shattered her bedroom window as she lay near her 3-year-old son Luke. A security system common in most apartment units responded with sprinklers extending from the ceiling that sprayed a combination of water and antifreeze.

The June 24 blaze at the Farm Gate Apartments in Herriman is among three national incidents within the last two years where antifreeze containing propylene glycol was the only flammable substance that investigators found with the capability to ignite a blaze of such high magnitude so suddenly. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, a separate incident caused a fatality when sprinklers blasted a solution of 71.4 percent antifreeze as a result of a kitchen grease fire.

Allix and Luke have spent most of their time in University of Utah hospital beds since the events June 24 which landed the Herriman mother and son in the burn unit after transport by a Life Flight helicopter. Allix remains bedridden at the hospital but no longer in the ICU while Luke has bounced back to his daily routine with his grandparents instead of his mother.

"She's a single mother," Allix's father Logan Phillips said. "She won't be able to work for a year and won't be able to do anything for six months, For instance, even open a jar."

Both Allix and Luke incurred third degree burns around their arms and shoulders, about 30 percent of their bodies, and Allix has second degree burns covering her entire body. After several surgeries and time on a respirator and ventilator, Allix now has skin grafts over most of her body. She's had to rely on Medicaid to cover the cost of healthcare along with donations.

A few fundraisers including a motorcycle ride and a yard sale at Macey's in West Jordan, have netted about $1,600, according to Phillips.

Shari Thrall, Allix's mom, has maintained a blog since the tragedy in June where the health status and highlights of the young family are documented and contributions are encouraged at

"The fundraising is for medical bills," Phillips said. "But she needs help with car insurance and other bills too."

Initial reports indicated that Luke had been playing with matches in the Herriman apartment setting a small pillow aflame and resulting in an explosion that blasted glass nearly 35 feet from the window pane after sprinklers released extinguishing fluid. The explosion is currently being investigated by the Unified Fire Department .

"What the fire department ruled is they think the sprinklers sprayed at over 70 psi and created additional flames," Phillips said. "It caught all the sprinklers in her apartment."

Phillips, has studied reports from two other incidents in the last two years where fiery detonations occurred with propylene glycol as the only possible flammable agent on the scene. The National Fire Protection Association Standards Council banned the use of antifreeze solution in residential fire sprinkler systems Aug. 18 citing "new research that was conducted after a fire incident raised concerns about antifreeze solutions in residential fire sprinkler systems."

"Most every apartment complex in the valley has glycol in it," Phillips said. "They don't realize that all of their fire extinguishers are 40 percent flammable. This is amazing and it could affect the entire country."

A recent NFPA safety alert acknowledged the Herriman fire and the concern about the combustibility of propylene glycol. Suggestions from the NFPA are to use the lowest concentrate possible of antifreeze in fire sprinkler lines. The NFPA recognizes that there are no alternatives for propylene glycol-based antifreeze.

The family has hired an attorney to represent Allix and Luke's interests.. In the meantime, an account has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank under their names. Donations are being accepted at any branch.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 25, 2010

Drum roll...
Allix will be discharged from the hospital on Friday and will make daily visits to therapy. She is 200% better than she was on Saturday. I cannot believe it. Thank you to everyone who fasted and prayed for Allix. I know that is why she is going home. The improvement she made in 3 days truly is a miracle.
We are going to try to get her a phone soon. If you would like the number, let me know. It would be good therapy for her to text. :)

-Shari Thrall, Allix's mom

August 24, 2010

Allix is eating a lot. This is the first time I have seen her eat more than nibbles since she's been here. She had a rough day yesterday remembering the day of the fire and the "what if's". Very emotional. I knew this would be coming. I stayed with Allix last night and loved it.

-Shari Thrall, Allix's mom